Undervolting a 955BE

(Actually it's undervolting-clocking)

Hi, though a bit late I decided to write a few lines about what I happened to come across with my Phenom II setup. Though virtually every Voltage setting (including Vcore) is grayed in my Bios of my MSI 770-C45, I came across another option to well, lock up to 3 cores of the processor, and thus computing with only one. My gut feeling told me to just leave the two active and lock 3 and 4. I also dropped the multiplier by x4 and now I am at 2.6GHz compared to out of the box speeds. HWmonitor approximates power consumption now to about 10 Watts compared to about 20 I had with all 4 cores active with a peak of 56 Watts (as much as my dual core 5600+ Athlon!). I also used AMD Overdrive to drop the core voltage to 1.176 and the idle temps dropped by 5 degress(I am at about 37). Is this in anyway a good direction in power saving? AM I doing something wrong here? What would you suggest I meddle with additionally? Should I disable Cool N' Quiet and give another go with the core voltage? And why can't I change any voltages from bios (upgraded to latest 1.9)
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  1. And a small followup...CPUID identifies my CPU now as AMD Athlon II 255 "Regor". Pretty cool stuff if you ask me... :{)
  2. As I write, I'm using ORTHOS stressing CPU and RAM while feeding the two cores (the other two disabled) with 1.08v. I'm getting a 100% load equivalent to 45.57 Watts.
  3. try my old 955 at 1.085 volts at 3.2GHZ!
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