My XP does not shows the dual boot option for my WIN 7!!..after repair

Hello guys, i'm a complete newb when it comes to the core thingy of these OS's and for that matter of fact, i need help.

QUESTION:I recently encountered a problem where in something wierd happened to my computer when it was left on for the whole night and to my surprise, the next morning my XP just wont boot up but instead kept restarting itself again and again(maybe be BSOD).Also, i had a dual boot with WIN 7 on the same HDD which ironically went missing after i repaired the XP on the C drive(WIN 7 was on the D drive)..i still have the WIN 7 installation in the D drive and hence wanted to know whether there are any methods of getting that boot.ini?
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  1. bootini is a hidden system file smack on your C drive, you will have to go to folder options and make sure that you can see hidden and system critical files.
  2. I already did check "show hidden files" but no success.Also, don't you think that the old BOOT.INI would have been replaced by a new one after i did a XP repair?
  3. check "show system protected files"

    yeah, it would have been replaced and that's why you lost your dualboot entry in bootini
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