OC Problem with Q8400

I'm currently running on a low-end rig.
Intel Q8400 2.66GHz
Ice Blade Pro
Asus P5Q SE2
Imaster 500W
Corsair 2Gb 800MHz
Just to optimize my systems performance, I tried overclocking my system. I did mild OC for my Q8400 from 2.66GHz to 3.2GHz. Everything went fine. Passed the Intel burn test and run Prime stress with no errors for 6 hours(cant stand waiting for 12 hours of prime stress.. ) Here comes the problem. When I turn on my system now, it powers up for 2 sec then turns off for about a sec and turns back on again. Then it boots up to Windows. My vcore from OC is 1.25v. My friend told me to increase the vcore so I did it in BIOS. Set it to 1.3v but the thing is when I checked it using CPU-z, it still shows 1.25v. Does anybody have an idea of whats happening? I badly needed your input guys. Thanks
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  1. What do you mean by memory setting? Like what? Memory Voltage is set to Auto. As for the Memory timings, I just followed whats on the specification of the mem card.
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