280 or 285?

Which of these two cards would you choose and why? Or if there is something better that is similar in price say that.

EVGA 285



Thanks for any suggestions ahead of time.
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  1. I'd take the GTX285, it's faster, cheaper and it's 55nm so it'll use a little less power / run a little cooler.
  2. + it overclocks better.
  3. Thanks for the input. Im glad to know I was leaning to the right one.
  4. why not get this and oc yourself? save some $$$
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814143142

    where are you finding these lame prices? this gtx 280 is 310 dollars instead of 410 lol.
  6. $349.99 for a 285 GTX, I would say thats worth teh 30$:)

    The problrm with the reg 280, is it has 1 8 pin psu which most ppl prefer 6, it idles alot hotter than the 285 GTX and it can't overclock for beans, I tried pushing 666 MHZ and it started artifacting instantly, then the screen would go black. There were some days that I could get lucky, but it would always end up artifacting.

    With the 285s I'm pushing 740 mhz.

    If 602 - 648 can yield 10%, can you imagine what 602-740 can do?:D + ppl have gotten it to 3 GHZ memeory which is insane for GDDR3
  7. I would save your pennies and get the GTX 295. It blows the 280, 285, and 4870x2 out of the water. The only thing is the whole new GXT300 series is right over the horizon. You may think about going with a EVGA or someone that has the step up program. I believe Zotac has that in the works right now.

    Although it is frustrating to me that with the 295 they didn't just put two 280's together to get the max ultimate performance. They shot themselves in the foot by that. Although it is an amazing card, it does have a low clock speed which scares me on knowing if it will be a good overclocker or not. Companies are still not really even coming out with an OCed version. I do believe EVGA at a FTW version of the 295, but cant find it anywhere. Thats also a sign of the card's clockability.

    Also, it seems to me that the 295 is just one they threw out really quickly to stay on top of the market, but didn't put a lot of effort into it. Rather it seems they smacked two cards together to double the specs for quick numbers and results, rather then working on the specifics of each card. That card will be beat very soon.
  8. The 295 GTX is a good single solution, though when slied its worse than 2 285s alot worse seeing as 1 285 GTX is 20% faster than 1 280.

    Quad sli isn't a solution.

    And 295 GTX doesn't blow them out of the water. If you call 20-30% faster than 280 gtx...maybe yes, but certainly not for the 5-10% faster compared to the 4870 X2.

    Alot of ppl on this forum use words but don't realize the definition.

    The 4870 X2 blows the 8800 GT out of the water. You can say that, but what you just said is basically like 285 GTX blows the 280 GTX out of the water, which it doesn't considering its only 10% at both stock (and 15% in generous games).

    Unless your going to stick to 1 card, the 295 GTX and the 4870 X2 aren't to be considered. If your planning on going sli or crossfire, save your money and buy 1 single gpu and add another down the road, or if you change your mind completely you can always buy a new gen card when it comes out, and not regret paying 600$ for that dual gpu.
  9. Spitfire7

    When is GTX300 Coming out? Any approximate date? What is next from AMD after the 4870?

    I need to get a new video card and I'm considering 285 or OC-280.. I have an 8800GT which is not too bad for me to wait.

    I can wait for another month or 2 for next generation of hardware.


  10. Just bought the 285 over the 280 yesterday its worth the couple extra dollars to get a card that isn't already being discontinued, and as most ppl here have stated is at least 6-10% faster than the 280 'before' you overclock the 285. BTW read the article in the Graphics section on the 285 it goes over this and shows great benchmarks with the 280v285.

    oh and leon2006 I upgraded from an 8800gts 512, but I'm just tired of not being able to max out newer games anymore. I didn't feel like waiting for the next gen myself.
  11. Ok i plan on only buying a single card so this means i should get the 285?

    Thanks for all the help so far.
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