Plans for 32" LCD TV,comments please

Hmm how should I start..well I'm using a 19" Samsung 997DF which is about 6 years old..well more or less and now I'm planning to upgrade to a 32" LCD for gaming and watching HD movies on 720p or 1366x768 and do my work on the other small LCD maybe a 19" LCD monitor or might as well get another cheap PC for that.

And now my configuration as below

E7200 3.43GHz
Asus P5N-D
2x2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800
2x9600GT 512MB/256bit SLI

and now I wonder can I use a HDMI converter to convert from DVI to HDMI output for my LCD TV and at the same time use another DVI port for the small 19" LCD, well I did a little research for the LCD TV, the resolution is 1366x768 (correct me if I'm wrong) and 19" will be 1440x900

now I'm currently running 1600x1200 on my CRT, will it be a lot of difference ? (small 19")

and can I run both display together when SLI ?

Thanks in advance

Vincent Cheng
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More about plans comments please
  1. And also could u guys recommend me some 32" 100Hz LCD TV or above brands and model ?

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