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I'm possibly getting a new 24" monitor soon and I am worried that my crossfire 512 4870 set up may be hindered by the new resolution. Would it be better to upgrade to something like an 4870x2 (or gtx 295 or gtx 285) first before I go for the new monitor? Or do you think the 4870s will be enough for gaming at the res?

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  1. It should be enough, i mean you might loose the luxury of AA after a while, but I see even 2 8800 GTs doing well @ that resolution:)

    As texture become more complicated and such, it might cripple your results though.

    I wouldn't suggest going from a 4870 x's 2 setup to a single version of it just for extra ram, I would wait it out.

    Unless your a millionaire and poop money:D then send some this way:P

    I would wait and see what the new generation will dish out in a couple of months (6 or so).

    I mean you'll be able to do 4 x's AA in a lot of games (not Crysis) I would look at reviews and see wherethis will leave u:)
  2. Yeah I guess your right L1qu1d, was kind of thinking what you where saying, I guess I just get the monitor for now and see how it goes with my games....
  3. Let us know:) I mean I learned to live with out AA now so i can get used to it later;)
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