[Solved] Can\'t copy music file from CD: Access Denied.... Help?

I have some Audio CD but it was read only file and i want to take thet file in to MP3 and to take in my Mobile. So kindly help me if it is posible and for that Specialy Thanks.
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  1. You can't just copy an audio CD to your hard drive as files, unless you have an older Plextor CD ROM drive (it came with software to make music CDA files look like, and behave like .wav files directly from the CD).

    You need a program that "rips" the CDA files into a form the computer can manage, like Winamp, or lots of others out there that do this process very well.

    All files copied directly from a CD are marked 'read only' to prevent novice computer users from trying to write to an unwritable media. The converted files made by a program that rips the music files will not likely make the new file generated read-only.

  2. Try using CDex, great MP3 creator.
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