SSD Windows 7 Boot Drive

I am building a custom gaming computer.

I would like an SSD primarily for booting the OS windows 7.

I am currently looking at the intel x25-v 40gb

Is 40gb sufficient?

Any thoughts on this particular ssd?

Any recommendations on other ssd?

Thanx in advance.
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  1. 40GB is on the low end of what you might need - it depends on how much software you install.

    The 40GB Intel drive seems to be well regarded and is probably a good choice if you can't afford one of the larger drives.
  2. I would recommend to get the 80GB one.
    Believe me you will end up needing about 64-80GB storage space for your OS and your programs.
    And bigger as 80GB space is not recommendable in term of price.

    About other SSDs...hmmm...I think you better read this first :
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