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Hey guys

Long story short:
I need help to set an infected netbook hard drive to slave drive in bios as there are no jumpers. I am using windows XP

I tried to do it and it is reading the master drive correctly but it is placing the infected drive as master 2. How do I change this to the slave setting (which is empty)

I have a virus on my netbook which I brought over on a usb from an infected computer. The computer has since been fixed and I slaved the hard drive from the computer using jumpers.

Now I am trying to clean the netbook hard drive the same way however the netbook has no jumper settings and I was told I need to set it in slave in bios

Now when I connected it using two cables I bought (one from a 7 pin sata to 7 pin sata and the other from a 15 pin thing to a 4 pin power cable) it was reading the drive with the virus as master 2. How do I make it into slave?

Im not sure if it matters but the main computer (the clean one) is IDE whereas the one I wish to slave is SATA
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  1. There is no master/slave in SATA drives. Each drive operates on it's own channel.

    The existing drive in the 'main computer' is IDE so it does have master/slave capability on a dual-drive cable.

    The 15 pin to 4 pin 'thing' is a legacy power plug adapter to power the newer SATA drive.

    The SATA drive may appear as Master 2 and that should be of no consequence for accessing the drive in the temporary host computer. Just make sure the BIOS is NOT set to boot from that 'Master 2' drive.


    That means that I should be ready to go as it is

    Have a good one
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