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Hey all,
I'm overclocking my X4 620 @ 3.25GHz, and overall it seems to be doing all it should.

The problem comes in when i set up Prime 95 for an overnight run, during daytime tests I can run Prime for 2+ hours with CPU temps NEVER over 52c and get no error reports etc when i shut off the tests.

But the last 2 times Ive setup the overnight run, i get up in the morning, and here sits my system waiting at the log in screen like nothing ever went on in the night. Ive looked at the results log and it reports tests passed and completed for approx. 5 hours the first night, and then a little over 3 hours this last time.

What the heck is going on???

The only other thing Ive got going on this system is the on board HD 4200 is running OCed as well @ 650MHz.

Ive got my CPU voltage locked in @ 1.34 so i don't think its high volts, but something is stopping my run of Prime somehow.

Please HELP!

Dead :pt1cable:
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  1. Nobody has any suggestions what is causing this??.........................

    Ok, thanks anyway!

  2. well obviously your OC isn't stable enough to last the night, so either only sleep for 3 hours and call it stable or up the volts some more and test again.
  3. Everything Ive read on here talks about leaving the volts stock unless your going for 3.5 and up, and I'm not real interested in shortening the life on this CPU by cranking volts.....guess I'll dump it back to stock, and just enjoy the idea that I tried it out!
    Thanks for the reply BTW! :)

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    1. Make sure RAM is running at stock speed.

    2. Up the voltage by ~.1v. By the time your CPU dies of being overvolted you'd have upgraded by then. I still have a Celeron D 315 OCed at 3.6Ghz with massive voltage and running fine after all these years.
  5. Ram is under-clocked to stock speed, I couldn't afford high end ram so knew it wont OC. Do you think .1v will really change stability? And Im not sure my bios will let me go just .1v at a time. I will go look, thanks for the advice! CPU-ID says my core volts are at 1.344 right now, and Ive seen them jitter up and down a little....could that slight variation mess up the stability?

    Thanks again, Dead
  6. OK, went into BIOS and pushed vcore up to 1.4v, but CPU-ID says its around 1.38v
    Is that normal? As far as I can tell C&Q is shut off, as well as the C1e thing......did i miss something, or is it supposed to still vary?

  7. Successful over night run of Prime 95 last night!! Thanks for the advice on the v-core setting.
    Ive got it at 1.4V and looks good!

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  9. Deadstick50 said:
    OK, went into BIOS and pushed vcore up to 1.4v, but CPU-ID says its around 1.38v
    Is that normal?

    Yes. That is called vDroop/vDrop. It's normal.
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