6g DDR3 1600 vs. 12g DDR3 1333

I just built my first computer and bought 12g ram (yes I know it was a bit of overkill) DDR3 1600. Unfortunately after some reading, I found out that i7 memory controller doesn't work too well with 6 modules. GSKILL ( the ram I am using) says I can only run 12g at 1333mhz or 6g at 1600mhz.

Question is, which is better for gaming? Or are the differences negligible?

Specs of system in case it's necessary

Core i7 2.66
GSKILL 3x2 DDR3 1600 (2 kits)
Vista Ultimate 64 bit

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  1. Run 12 gigs at 1600. It'll work fine, despite the claims you may see. I'm running 12 gigs of Corsair at 1600.
  2. If you can't run the 12 gigs @ 1600 I'd recommend going with the 6 gigs @ 1600. ...if you're going for the absolute highest performance. 6 gigs is more than you likely need and 12 gigs is way more than you likely need.

    Now, will you be able to subjectively tell the performance difference in 6 gigs @ 1600 vs. 12 gigs @ 1333? Maybe.
  3. I think you should read this article


    and then spend a few hours contemplating how a fool and his money are easily parted
  4. MaximumPC also ran a similar article.


    You should at least read pages 2, 3, and 4. (Page 1 addresses DDR2 vs DDR3)

    That should answer your questions.

    I agree with halcyon. If 12 at 1600 doesn't work, then 6 at 1600 will be more than enough
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