X58UD5 not down throttling vcore when using custom voltage

the UD5 with D0 stepping i7 920 shows votage of 0.987-1.165 when on default. When i increase the vcore to 1.200 in bios, the vcore throttling no longer seems to work, it is at a constant 1.200.

is this normal, or is there a setting i can tick to get vcore throttling back..

the reason is that the unthrottle vcore consumes 10W more at idle, accoding to the gigabyte DES utility.
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  1. Hi

    I believe it's the first one on my list, Enhanced C1(C1E) which enables and disables throttling. If I'm wrong, check the other one on the list.

    Enhanced C1(C1E)
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology
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