LOST 1.5TB - Gonna cost me $15k to fix - Please Help

Okay, here is the deal.

I have two separate RAID array's on my on-board nForce4 chip-set (680i sli)

Have 4 500GB samsungs in a RAID 5 and 2 150GB WD raptors in a RAID 0

Had to reinstall XP

The RAID 0 is fine so from here on I will focus only on the RAID 5.

Media shield normally shows 1 RAID 5 as healthy. When i rebooted it showed 2 RAID 5's both 1.36TB both with "Error".

Went into media shield bios. 1 RAID 5 showed 2 of the HDD's, the other showed 1 of the HDD's, and the 4th disk shows up as available. Both RAID 5's show up as 1.36TB with "Error"

Managed to get all 4 disks back into the one array, hit rebuild, windows boots... nVidia control panel shows 1 RAID 5 with 2 of the disks, and the other 2 disks are available to build a new array with.

Computer management shows NOTHING but the system raid volume(raid 0, no problems) and my external eSata drive.

Reboot back into media shield bios... shows the same as nVida control panel... 2 disks in RAID 5 1.36gb with error... other two disks are available to add in the rebuild menu, try to add them, load windows, goes back to the same thing in windows and media shield bios ... 2 disks in the raid 5, 2 disks available.

I submitted this to a data recovery place and they want anywhere from $1000 to $15000 to fix it... Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!! lol
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  1. Did you ever backup the data on your RAID 5?

  2. RAID 5 only covers a single drive failure. Sounds like the offending drive may have just been giving your array problems. If you had removed, or at least disconnected the bad drive then you would have been able to access the array. Since you tried to rebuild it though I'm guessing the partition table was lost, and if you built it with the faulty drive in there well that's even worse :D. Of course, there exists the possibility that two drives failed at the same time. Either way.......

    Yeah, you could be SOL
  3. Sadly no backups... this array was essentially a dumping ground for stuff until I could find it a proper home :(
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