Can you help diagnose my problem?

I built this machine about 4 1/2 years ago. Running fine. Then one day, it was sitting at the windows XP log on page and just shut down. (Like there had been a power outage "shut down" NOT "windows is now preparing to shut down") It wasn't doing anything taxing at the time.

I tried restarting it, and could not even get it to turn on at all (i.e. not posting). The only thing I have to go by is there is the LED light on the mobo stating it has standby power, and I can hear almost a fizzle sound that i think is coming from the PSU when I hit the power button. No fans turn.

I took the whole think out of the case to see if it was grounding out. Still nothing.

Here are my specs for what it's worth:

Asus A8N-SLI deluxe mobo
AMD athlon 64 3500+
2 x 512 Kingston ram
MSI 6600gt
Sparkle Power 400W power supply

Do you think my PSU just died? I know it's not the most reputable brand, but if there a good way to diagnose it? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. ya, it sounds like it might be a dead psu. If you have access to another pc, try just plugging that into the motherboard and see if it'll power it. If you do not try shorting the psu to see it if turns on. If your unsure about how to do this google it or touch pins 14 and 15 (ussualy these pins will work) with a paper clip and see if the psu fan kicks on. If it does then we'll go from there.
  2. The pin numbers depend on whether you have a 20 or 24 pin power connector. Look at the main power connector. On one side, you should see a green wire with one black wire on one side and two black wires on the other. That green wire is tied to the case power switch. Paperclip the green wire to one of the black (ground) wires.
  3. I happen to have one of those mother boards brand new in a box. Should be able to get $800 on E-Bay by now........ LOL

    Sounds like the PSU to me too. Stop playing with it before you cause more damage. Get a new one......... more ram too

    WOOHOOOOOOOOOO 1000th POST................
  4. those were actually pretty decent motherboards back in their day of age. Built a rig for my brother with that thing when amd was giving intel at least a run for its money. Now i strickly stick with intel for just shear preformance increase over amd.
  5. DXRick said:
    Sparkle Power 400W power supply


    Yup, it looks like another cheap PSU has died a quiet death. I hope it didn't damage any other hardware on its way out.
  6. So...I just shorted the psu, and the fan started spinning. (I was kinda hoping it would have been dead and that was the least of my troubles). Now what?

    Thanks for everyone's help so far. I look forward to figuring this out.

  7. well now i'd start woring its the Motherboard.

    I guess you could recheck all your cable connections. If the computer got moved a lot there is a possiblity of connection creeping going on. Cables slowly got moved and arn't making good connection now. I'd first start with the CPU Cooler fan. make sure that guy is properly seated.
  8. I'd still lean toward the PSU. Just because the fan spins doesn't mean it can provide enough power to run your machine. All symptoms point to the PSU IMO.
  9. ya my last post deffaintly left a bad taste in my mouth that its not the PSU. I still think that bottom line it has somethign to do with the problem. If you can try to find a computer laying around and plugging it into that. See if that fires it up.

    If your sure that the power supply is good then like i noted above try checking cables.
  10. How fast is the PSU fan supposed to spin when just powered on like I just did? The reason I ask is because it's not like it was spinning all that fast, certainly not fast enough to make any audible noise. (It's hard to quantify an rpm...I really have no idea)

    I don't have another desktop kicking around to try the power supply. I will try powering up just the motherboard.
  11. It probally wouldn't spin that fast. I'm not sure about this but it might spin in revleance to the heat it produces. More heat, faster it spins.

    Ya that's the next part if you dont' want to think its the psu yet, try just the motherboard with one stick of ram and the cpu, and vidoe card. See if you get anything with that.
  12. Ok with just my motherboard, one stick of ram, the cpu and video card hooked up, all I get is that same little fizzle (it's really quiet and lasts just a split second) and it looks like my case case is about to turn but doesn't. The fan on the psu, or cpu do not begin to spin at all.

    What does that lead me to? Recommendations?
  13. I'd start with the PSU still. Even if you end up replacing it and its not bad, its still a good idea to replace that psu. Do you have a digital multimeter?
  14. Well I went out and replaced it with an OCZ stealth 500W silencer PSU..I'm hooking it up right now, and it doesn't seem to be firing up either.

    There's a PCI-E 6 pin connector that I don't seem to have any place for even though though I have two PCI-E slots on my motherboard.

    So far the other things the PSU is connected by is 24pin connector, and the 4pin ATX 12V power connector.

    Any ideas?
  15. Where you plug the 24 pin cable into the motherboard. Check to see that there is no bent pins or anything looks to have broken off.

    Next thing i'd try is find where the power switch from the case to the motherboard is. should be a two pin connection. take a paper clip like you did before and touch the two pins. See if this turns the pc on.
  16. by "taking the paper clip and touching the two pins" you mean the two pins located on the motherboard correct?
  17. well i tried that same response. case fan turns a couple of degrees, and that's it. nothing else runs.
  18. Yes. This will elminate that its the power switch on the case that is the problem.
  19. No luck.
  20. Well i'm about stumped. sorry :(.

    I'd say your motherboard has had it at this point. I'm assuming this off the fact we have eliniated its the psu, power switch from the case and assuming you have everything plugged in properly. Maybe check to see if there is any visual burn marks on the board or try smelling and seeing if there is any sort of burnt smells. Your Motherboard should also be on standoffs.

    check to make sure your cpu heatsink fan is plugged in and there is also a 4 pin connector that needs to be connected on the mother board (not just the 24 pin one).
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