Sapphire 4850x2 Problem

So yeah, i recommended a friend of mine the 4850x2 since he was using the geforce 8500gt. He saved enough cash to get one. He called me over to help him install it on his old Dell 4700 which used a 1.0 PCI-E slot.

First i thought to my self, 2.0 isn't needed.

I removed the wrapper and plugged the baby in. Put on on DVI to VGA Adapter. Started on the computer and turned on the monitor. The Monitor light stayed yellow instead of becomming green. Yet, you can hear his computer make the noises it usually does to turn on. It works for the Integrated VGA Graphic chipset, but not for this.

Is the DVI to VGA adapter broken? Is the card not fully put in? (Because its in pretty hard, and all the 6 pin and 8pin are plugged in) Card has the green light to show that its on/working.

Anyone know how to solve this problem? The card is at least suppose to run in 8bit crap graphics, but this doesn't even turn on the monitor.

-Need Help ASAP

-Thanks in advance Tim and Derek.
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  1. n/m. Sorry! I didn't read your post thoroughly the first time.

    I, at one time, had a 4870 x2 and I remember it kind of being a pain to get it to sit just right. I've also had a sound card that would not seat all the way in because my case/PCI bracket didn't agree. You may see if the pins (that go into the motherboard) are flush, (on the sound card I mentioned) they were kind of at an angle and it wouldn't work properly. That is all I can think of unless you either got a bum card or the PSU can't handle it. I think the "minimum" is 650w.
  2. Yep, Card Light turns green and all, fans work, card is warm, etc. Every possible aspect to show that the card works.

    Its just when i plug it into the intel chipset graphics that came with the computer, the monitor shows windows turning on, press in pass etc.

    But when i take it out, then plug it into the Graphic card. It doesn't show anything. The monitor is on and all.

    DVI to VGA can't be broken since it's new and those things don't break easily.

  3. I assume it is a Dell motherboard?

    OK, after a quick Google search, I found that you sometimes actually have to disable the onboard video on some Dell motherboards. The advice I saw in this column was to actually disable the onboard gfx in device manager, shutdown, install card, plug in, boot up (I wouldn't think this is the correct procedure), but you may be able to do it from the BIOS (which would make more sense), i'm not sure. Hopefully this will help.
  4. Yep. It shouldn't have a problem running a single 4850x2 though.
  5. Bump, Need Help Badly :[

    Edit: The PSU should handle it, its a 850W Power Supply.

    Changed the PCI-E 6 and 8 ping to the one supplied in the case which was 6-8 pin to the big 4 PIN Peripheral. Still does not work.. Tried the card on a new dell computer and it seem to have worked there. Strange...

    Could it be the motherboard?
  6. Did you disable the integrated VGA in the bios and tell your comp to boot PCI-E display first? Your paticular setting may word it differently but most mobo's I've had to tinker with that used integrated gfx required that you specifically tell it to use the external card and not the integrated. Check that.
  7. Well i turn on the computer it only has 2 alternatives, F12 and F2.

    F12 - Setpup

    F2 goes and checks the bios (Setup Utility). I went in and under "Video" and there were 2 things.

    Primary Video which was set on auto (Use the add-in video controller).
    Video size was set on 8MB since it was a factory default setting. I already uninstalled the VGA Chipset from Device Driver, then the graphics became all chompy and 8bit like.

    I can't return the card, since its not broken, and there's no way the its the mobo's fault since its all working fine, but just nothing is showing up on the monitor.

    Edit: What if i installed the CCC driver before plugging the VGA into the card. Would that do anything? or just a waste of an attempt?
  8. I don't think windows drivers are your issue here. Change your primary video from auto to manually setting it to the add-in (also list what options you have plz). what options does your video size give you? Since you will be no longer using the integrated video that setting can actually be changed to 0(or the closest thing to it since it is merely wasting ram at this point). look through your other tabs related to boot up options is there anything related to video or gfx?
  9. Bump. Going to reinstall Vista tonight.

    Anyone got any ideaS?
  10. Is the 4850 even showing in the device manager at all?
  11. .......

    i said when i plug the VGA cable into the card, i can't even see **** on the monitor. But when i plug it onto the 8500Gt or the onboard video display it actually has picture.

    This problem is making me so fcuking mad.

    I talked to a Advanced Computer Teacher and he told me my motherboard might have compatibility issues or maybe the bios.
  12. I agree with him I do think its a bios issue/compatibility issue. I wouldn't bother nuking your OS install at this point unless you do it all the time and aren't loosing anything. Honestly looks like your kicking a dead horse. Since the card works fine in another machine, and your settings seem to be correct in the 4700, going to have to say its time to try another type of card. Was reading in another thread that the 4850x2 is a proprietary card from sapphire maybe it just has issues with that dell. Sux but another type of gfx card 'may' not have the same issues since obviously the 8500 works. Up to you but I'd say take it back and try something else.
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