Power/HDD/RESET wires too short on Antec 900

Hi all,
I have a problem,
I currently have a geforece 7900 gs KO edition but I plan to upgrade for a gtx 260 core 216 (big leap! :bounce: )

However my power switch cable is already barely reaching the plug on the motherboard

anyone knows a solution?

(also, noob question: how can I post a picture here, I've got a 3 pics of my problem)
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  1. easiest solution imo:
    snip the wires. probally somewhere in the middle just incase you mess up and need to snip again so that one side doesn't become to short. Go to radio shack or something and pick up some wire. Snip the wire you baught to the desired length. strip the ends of the wires and sodder them together. Can also just twist them together as well. Then just take some electrical tape and wrap it around the open wires and wal-la. an extended cable.
  2. do you have like a wierd antec 900 or a wierd mobo because i have the 900 and the wires are plenty long but idk your situation
  3. thanks for the quick reply,

    it sounds easy but I've never 'snipped' wires. This computer was the first one I built so I really don't have a lot of xp.

    Do you have any links to where they have illustrations on how to do that?
    do you know what kind of cable I should use?
  4. I have a weird mobo, from what I see compared to my old mobo, the power switch plug is located at the bottom center-left of my mobo instead of bottom right
  5. oh ok thats why my plugs are on the right, and pretty close to the side
  6. I've been in contact with antec support, I've asked if they had any cable extension but they put me on wait since dec 11 and never came back with a solution, they're still talking to product development.

    Here I post a message and within 5 minutes I have a solution lol
  7. thanks IH8U,

    However it would cost me 40$ to send the cables over here in Montreal :S
    but if I don't have another solution in a week I'll definitely get that.
    I'll just take a GPU 40$ cheaper :(
  8. ya that is an interresting setup for a motherboard.

    Here is some simple instructions on stripping a wire:

    i'm assuming you don't have wire strippers so just use a pair of sissors. All you need to do is get the plastic sheeth off the copper about an inch down. Then what I like to do is make a loop (like your tying your shoes) with one end. Then with the other strippe wire feed it through the loop. then just twist both ends down until everything is snug and tight. Then use some electric tape and tape everything up so no more copper is showing. (MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF WHEN YOU ARE DOING THIS!!!)
  9. hkg36 said:
    (also, noob question: how can I post a picture here, I've got a 3 pics of my problem)

    You need to upload your pics to a website and then link them into the forum. ImageShack will get the job done and they'll give you the forum code to paste thumbnail pics here. Use the Thumbnail for forums (2) code.
  10. Here is the picture;

    and another one;


    as you can see the power switch is already stuck against the gpu
  11. feel free to make comments on my cable management (do you think it's sustainable for my computer?)
  12. whoa thats really wierd because on my mobo the plug is about where your sata ports are and my cable is fine with my x1950xtx lol
  13. Plan A: Route the cables under the new vga card instead around it. If you pass it under the vga card near the end of the pci-e slot, it should still fit.

    Plan B: buy some cable extenders. Here is an example:
  14. hkg36 said:


    as you can see the power switch is already stuck against the gpu

    All you need to do is paste the code from the ImageShack site - not use the forum link too.
  15. I think geofelt Plan A will work. But I'd have preferred to see them run under the motherboard.
  16. +1 WR2

    Ya get as much as possible under the motherboard will promote the best air flow. I understand that this isn't always an option though.
  17. i have the same problum i just built a quad core :) and my power cable on my antec is to short
  18. what kind of wire will i need to make it longer
  19. On my Antec 900 cases, I finally ended up cutting holes in the motherboard tray.
    Antec 900 case mods for cable management:
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