4850 X2 vs Dual 4850's

Okay, this is a nit picky dilemma but...

I currently have two Sapphire 4850's (both 1gb), and they usually perform great. I've been playing Fallout 3 a lot lately and the game crashes every hour. I was really thinking about selling them off, and perhaps getting a 4850x2. It may seem weird I know, seeing as how it would almost be the same setup (2 4850 chips, 2gb memory), but would the "single" card be more stable for me? I'm pretty new to PC gaming so thought I would ask some people who know more than me.

I also like the idea of both chips on one card and being able to forget about the stupid Crossfire cables.

Also, does anyone think I would see much of a performance boost?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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  1. Well lets look at what is causing the crashes.
    Can you post your full specs eg CPU / Mobo / PSU / RAM / OS?
    Also if you can use Coretemps or Speedfan to post tems that would be good.
    And driver / patch version as well!
    What other games do you play that run great? What settings do you have for Fallout 3?

    Its worth mentioning that Crossfire caused more than a few issues for crossfire users...just google "Fallout 3 Crossfire" and you will see what i mean ;) Tried running single card?
  2. Core i7 920 on a P6T Deluxe, 750w PCP&P Silencer, 3GB XMS3 Corsair 1333, Vista 64.

    Well I though that the cards were overheating so I turned the fans up to 75% manually, which is loud as hell, but keeps the card under 70C under load. Running the latest Drivers from ATI, 8.9 i think.

    But your right I googled for what you said. I'll just disable crossfire, and try it out.

    I play games like Madden, Mirror's Edge, and GTA IV no prob. It's so weird the crashes on FO3 for me are like clockwork. Seems like after about 60 minutes, boom. Crash.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. Running them at 700/1200 instead of 625/993. But like i said, all my other games work great.
  3. I doubt switching your cards will fix the fallout problems although I have noticed that the game seems more stable with the 9.1 drivers, I dont think I have had a crash yet. Before 9.1 I use to get a crash every few hours.
  4. It could very well be Fallout 3 that's crashing you. IIRC, it was very buggy upon release - so go to their website and you might find recent patches.

    Also, 75% fan speed just to keep it under 70C seems pretty bad - try improving your airflow.
  5. Have you tried Catalyst v9.1?
  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys.

    @kingtz - That was a complete typo, I bump them to 55% and it keeps them below 60C. It was early in the morning when I wrote that! Yes, I was unaware of all the issues with FO3 until i posted this, even the XBOX 360 version is crashing, ive never even heard of a console game being so buggy.

    @meodowla - yes I do have the 9.1 drivers, I put 8.9 as a guess.

    More information: most of the problems I see with Fallout 3 are just crashes to the desktop. My crashes force me to completely reboot (the graphics card fails). I thought I figured out the problem: One night I was playing and the game started to crash as it always does (the screen goes black and the monitor searches for a signal) but then it went to the screen saver. I thought "Eureka!": it must be problems with the screen saver so I set the screen saver to 60 minutes and just made sure to click my mouse every so often. That night I played for 4 or 5 hours with no crash so I thought I solved the problem. The next day I played for 5 minutes and it crashed. Fallout 3 sucks.
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