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Hey i'm new to the forums and was looking for some help on a good build for a gaming PC which i plan to build. My budget is around £700 maybe going upto £800. Any suggestions on what is best for my money would be appreciated.
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  1. does that include mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers or your just willing to build a box?
  2. Does it have to include monitor, Windows, speakers, mouse, keyboard?

    Edit: LOL, alvine asked exactly the same question 40 seconds faster :)

    What about Windows, do you need that too?

    Are you planning to do any work on this PC? What kind?
  3. Yeah it'll include all those things aswell.
  4. No work, It'll b used for gaming, net surfing and downloading music.
  5. Yeah i know the budget is sort of low, i think i might try to save up some more before i start buying stuff, but thanks for your help :)
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