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I am looking for a good graphics card. I don't really care about gaming but am actively involved in Video editing. Adobe Premiere and similar programs. Are there any cards that do a particularly good job when it comes to this? (without buying $1000 video acceleration cards)
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  1. Honestly a Q6600 / 4850 setup should be sufficient for everything expect heavy pro stuff. Can score something like that for $700-800 or so
    If you want to spend more look towards i7 / 4870 for around $1500...depends what your budget is really and how heavy your work is.
    Whats your current card and how do you find it?
    For encoding and converting you need to look at CPU's over GPU's if thats also an issue.
  2. I just built an i7 with a GTX 260/216 . I am using Cyberlink Power director 7 trial (have the full version on order from amazon) It suppose to use cude and Nvidia gpu's for encoding and its suppose to be i7 optimized. They have a youtube channel with a lot of tutorials .

    I haven't been able to use most of the good feature like cuda and all in the trial but Im sure it will be nice in the full version.

    So far there are just a few programs that utilize the i7's SSE4.1b instructions. This will give it a big advantage over all other quad core cpus
  3. As far as I know most video editing software really needs more in the way of RAM and CPU than a video card.
    I`d suggest an Nvidia card, perhaps a 9600GT, fast enough for games and it can use CUDA and the video extensions in the later driver suites.
    If this is a professional system, then use the approprate forums on the `net for better, more focused advice.
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