Will i bottleneck with this upgrade?

hello, i am thinking about upgrading my graphics from an hd 4850 to a 4870 or 4850x2. my fear is that i will spend the money and relize that it is bottlenecked by my cpu. here are my specs:

CPU: intel core 2 duo e8500 OCed to 4Ghz (445x9.0)

MOBO: asus p5q pro

RAM: 4(2x2)GB of gskill ddr2-800

GPU: visionteck HD 4850

my processor is only a dual core and it will have to manage an upper end graphics card if i do this upgrade. on the other hand i have overclocked it to 4Ghz and i can get another .2 or .3Ghz out if necessary.

If you have any useful answers to my question or anything useful to add please respond.
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  1. lol, no. The E8500 at 4Ghz will handle it, easily.
  2. ^Ditto. At 4GHZ you are fine.
  3. good, dual core processors are officaly dieing and i wanted to be sure it can handle all these 'newer' GPUs
  4. They are in NO way 'dieing'. They are the new standard if you ask me. As long as it's decent, at least/around 3ghz, it is better than most anything out there.
  5. OCed E8400/E8500 are still holding crown in many recent games, it will take a while (and game programmer effort) to change that.
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