Multiple Monitor and multiple 4850x2

Hi guys,

I've checked the forum and there are a few questions regarding the 4850x2 but nothing quite like what I'm asking.

I recently purchased the following:

Antec 900 Gaming Case
Asus P6T Deluxe
2 Sapphire 4850 x2
Corsair HX1000 PSU
2 sata drives (unsure on exact spec but they were the nicer ones)
2 Optical drives (from old machine but ones 50x with write etc the others bluray).

The parts have arrived and I've got the first 4850x2 installed and im running the splash OS built into my motherboard (not installed windows yet). So far all seems fine.

My question relates to the configuration of the 2 4850x2 cards. I need to run dual monitor (and possible HDMI to my living rooms HD LCD flatscreen) and Id like both monitors to give comparable results (ie no one monitors recieving far more of the computers resource then the other)

With the P6T deluxe according to the manual, for dual Graphcis card set-ups I should use 16x PCI slot 1 and 2. I have done this.

I am really trying to find someone who has done similar and can advise me on what settings I should put on to try and balance the performance. This is my first venture into multiple graphics cards and im flying a little blind.


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  1. that gpu can handle 2 monitors with resources to spare, hell a 8600GT could handle 2 24" monitors. You shouldn't have to do anything on that front. As for the "computer resources" the ram/cpu don't care which monitor things are on, they will run their computations all the same.
  2. You can run 4 monitor on 1 card. If all monitor are the same(resolution), then all resources are the same. Less number of monitor then more resources to be divide even among the monitors. If you have different resolution ie 52 inch LCD TV 1080p and a 22inch LCD monitor 1650x1050 then it's best to stick to 2 monitor on 1 card. I dont have a high end setup as you but I do have 3870 and HD2900xt. 22inch 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 52LCD TV on 3870. While the the 2nd card drive 19inch LCD 1280x1024. My mobo is not good for xfire. 16x PCIe and a 4x PCIe

    abit p35 pro
    q6600 oc 3.4ghz
    6GB corsair pc6400
    CM 690
    640GB WD main drive
    1.2TB(2x640GB WD RAID 0) data drive
    34GB raptor system drive
    250GB backup drive
    LiteOn 16x DVD writer
    LG bluray/HDDVD 16xDVD writer
    external LG 16x DVD writer
    750watt corsair
    HD3870 and HD2900xt
    WinVista ultimate sp1

    My setup was not for gaming-multitasking and video transcoding. It can transcode three 4 hrs movie and burn them all at once at full speed in 45min. While I have 8 files downloading at the same time 6000kbps with winrar unzipping in the background. With enough resources left over for me surf and watch streaming video.

    Your Pc probably beats mine up in games but...still lack in other area that prevent a good multitasking setup.
  3. Hi guys,

    Thank you both for your advice so far. I have a couple of further. more specific questions if thats ok.

    First, With 2 4850x2s running on the p6t motherboard, would you recommend using the bridge connection? I was under the impression that the motherboard could run the bridge through its PCI-E 16x slots however, I would like confirmation.

    Secondly, is there a preferred way to connect my two screens? Both of the cards have 4DVI out ports, would it be best to connect both monitors to the same card? or one per card in the same slot? or does it make no difference to performance what so ever.


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