Mobo - Video Card PCI-E 2.0 question

Hello, i realize my question has a certain degree of stupidity but here goes...

I have a Gibabyte motherboard GA-M57SLI-DS4

It has only PCI-E slots, so my question is : will a PCI-E 2.0 video card work on it? i would like to buy the new HD 4770

System spec : AMD 4600+ x2 , 4gb A-data vitesta ddr2@800 , curently ati 1950 pro video card

Thanks for your help
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  1. A single Radeon 4770 is compatible. Any PCIE 2.0 capable card is compatible with a PCIE 16x capable MB, which your have. Can you link to a Radeon 4770 curently for sale, sold out everywhere I see.
  2. Ty badge for your quick reply. And sorry but no, i cant link any 4770 for sale...i live in Romania, i found some 4770 on a local website and only if u wait more 2 weeks for delivery ( i guess due to the limited suply)
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