Seti, RC5?

What are those things? Where can I find info on those?

Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
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  1. This link is to a FAQ for distributed computing.
  2. To join the team for Tom's Hardware Guide, go to the following address:'s+Hardware+Guide
  3. Linkified to <A HREF="" target="_new"> AnandTech Distributed Computing </A> and to our homepage <A HREF="" target="_new"> Team AnandTech </A>.

    Would love to have some new members from Tom's, we're in first place now but in a tough race with the Dutch Power Cows.
  4. So is PorivoPEER a distributed computing thing too? And it pays too... :cool:

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  5. We need members to join the THF for seti. The baitshop has challenged us on and we need all the help we can get.
    to get SETI

    to join's Hardware Guide

    to see what the baishop is doing

    if you have any question just ask.

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