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I have been designing sprites, levels, animations, and coding games for about 4 years now. I have made myself familiar with lots of programs, like Game maker, Visual basic, C++ beginner, Dark basic, and much more. I have made 2d games and 3d games, while also doing video animations too just in case. ( Not that good with the video animations though :P. I have spent as long as 4 weeks designing just 1 2d game, and 3d games I start but have little ability to be able to finish. I have hit the books and read on lots of terms and such for game design/making, along with terms like Pwn :) to better mock my opponents. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good online tutorial, any good online classes, a college I can take in the future, or even a camp to go to. I have already noticed iD game design camp, but people say its like $1000 dollars to just be there for 2 weeks, and just to add i'm 16 with a minimum paying job, how am i able to pay for that?? No lemonade stand :P. Anyway, if someone could give me some tutorials, some program names that would be good for game design, or anything else you can fling my way, i'd much appreciate it also. Thank you in advance! :sol:
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  1. I'd say not bad for a 16 year old with that much skills.. I'm 21 and just getting started in C++.

    Anyways, why don't you register for your local community college? I believe you don't need to be a graduate just to take a class. IMO, having teachers to teach you more about the stuff is better plus you can ask questions.
  2. Look up Microsoft Dreaspark. It is a program for student that alllows you to use their developer software for free. Included in the program is their game engine and a 1 year membership to it's associated forum .
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