19" LCD Sceptre Naga with 15 ms RT?

This monitor has 15 ms RT, which seems excellent, because my 19 inch Viewsonic VX900 has 25 ms Response Time. Does any one know if that's a good lcd monitor. Here is the link to full specs

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  1. It's 25 ms; 15 ms rise, 10 ms fall, u have to add the 2.

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  2. oh yea, it's you again :) Where is that monitor that you talked about so much (8500) with FFD technology. October is almost over and no sign of it. No updates whatsoever. As I mentioned 5 month ago that whatever they tell you at Envision Monitors doesn't mean it's true and we probably see first production monitor sometime next year...
  3. I'm waiting till November, and then I'll email em again.

    What if you had admin rights to life?
  4. We are developing one product which uses this technology at this time. It is our model EN-8500 (LCD Monitor w/TV Tuner).
    It is scheduled to hit the US market around Oct timeframe.

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