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Hey, I just bought the Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard, and it comes with only 3 way sli bridge. So I was wondering can I use the 3 way sli bridge to do just sli with 2 cards and it will work or do i need to call asus to send me a sli bridge for just 2 cards? and also wouldn't 3 way sli bridge even if it works block my other pci slot?
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  1. Not quite sure about 3 way bridge working with 2 cards, but vendors often bundle a simple 2 way sli bridge with the GPU when you buy it. as for blocking other pci slot it would be the gpu not the bridge
  2. oh, they're discussing it here too
  3. only 3way ready cards can use the 3 way bridge, it makes no difference if you use it or not.
  4. So, liquid your saying that I don't necessarily have to put the bridge in? Just put two cards in and then enable SLI in nvidia control planel? Also since I'm asking this I wanted to know can I use PCI-E slot one and then use PCI-E slot 3 instead of slot 1 and 2, since it will give more room for the air to flow.
  5. thats what I do. Usually The motherboard has pci 1 and 2 on the outside and the 3rd on the inside:)
  6. Then, I am guessing if I put one in pcie 1 and another in pcie 3 it would still give me x16/x16 on both and same performance if i were to use slot 1 and 2.
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