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I'm ready to put in my new Intel 80 SSD in a Win7 64 computer. Seems to me that super fetch is a nice thing to have but I've been told to disable indexing, auto defrag, super fetch and ready boost. I can understand auto defrag which seems like a conventional HD thing to me, but what is the reason to disable these features?
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  1. go visit guru3d. they had a nice write up on this.
  2. Try this website: The SSD Review

    Myself, I didn't do any of these tweaks but move my pagefile to an HDD.

    I did once all the tweaks, and somehow jacked my system, so I did a re-nstall, and left everything alone.

    My reasoning behind it is simple: These are things that the OS does/has, so why wouldn't I want them, and on the fastest drive(s) I have.

    Now, I know multiple writes degrades an SSD over time, but I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

    A couple things you want to check/do before installing the SSD.

    1.) Is your mobo an Intel based chipset (X58 or P55)?
    2.) If so, do you have ACHI enabled?
    3.) And, if intel, download the latest Intel driver 9.6 for the best TRIM support. (But you don't have too!) It is newer than the one within the Windows install driver package.)

    If you don't have an Intel based board, let me know, I'll further advise you on how to get the most out of your SSD.

    P.S. Do a fresh install, NO CLONING. This will help WIndows install all the right "stuff" to optimize the OS for a SSD (i.e. Defrag OFF on the SSD).
  3. The SSD Review

    Foscooter, the SSD Review link is very helpful. Thanks!
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