I need help with low end gaming pc!!!

hello, this is like my billion post on this kind of stuff, but i really need to make a choice by tomorrow. SO i here are my current specs..

pentium dual core e2220 2.4 GHz (oc to 2.8 stock voltage and stick cooling and stays cool no problem playing crysis gamer settings)

4 gigs of ddr2 ram

250 wat power supply( i know it sucks ***)

foxxcon napa motherboard (which dosent let me oc, or mess with settings to get higher overclocks)

9800 gt i gig edition sli ready
and i use a 19 inch monitor.

i was going to upgrade cpu for nearly 200 dollars, or 200 dollars with shiping and handling and tax.
now am thinking instead buying all this


if the link above dosent work, here individual link to each part:

ram coolers:


cpu heat sink:


motherboard and power supply:


case to house the components:


and windows 7:


i fugure getting all that and comes out to a grand total of 324 dollars and 1 cent. instead if just trowing 220 dollars at a e8500.
if i buy that stuff, i will be using my current processor and oc the hell out of it, maybe it can reach 3.4 GHz or so. I think it will since am currently running on stock cooling and stock volts and it dosent go above 50c.

and i will be using my current hard drive, which is pretty fast. basicly anything that is missing on the new build" will be taken from my current pc.

Now before you go off saying " save money for i5 or i7", no, i will not waste 700+ dollars on a an i5 . I plan to do that in about a year or so. maybe 1 1/2 years from now. But for now, just upgrade.

keep in mind that everything am buying now, basicly will be reusable in new build, specially windows 7. since i dont have one right now, thats y am buying it, my current pc was prebuilt so am limited.exep the motherboard, which i dont mind selling for 5 dollars in one year.

With my current pc, am limited to what i can do, since my motherboard bios is locked, my power supply dosent provide enough power to my cpu to overclock.( i use riva tuner to overclock) If my psu was more powerfull, i cant hit 3.0 clocks stock volts, and my motherboard dosent dupport sli.

With the new motherboard, i will be able to do eighter sli, or just trow in my old 9600 gt as a dedicated phisics card. As far as dx 11 goes, i dont see any diference, besides the fact that games run better in dx 11, so a couple of frame loss wont bother me.

As far as my processor bottlenecking, i can get a core 2 duo used at a local computer shop for around 50 bux, or a q9300 for 80 should i see the need for one in the future, i dont think i will if i can clock current at 3.4-3.7 GHz.

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  1. It should all be compatible, I think its alot to spend just to make the system overclockable though. You could look at AMD as you could get a motherboard that will take all current and some future processors and the motherboards are much better value than intel so even adding a 3 or 4 core athlon will not cost alot more overall.
  2. ^+1 to new AMD platform
  3. Excillent choice on the MOBO, I can personally vouch for that one. What I did was buy my components and piece together too, so your doing ok by my standards. Looks like a good CPU cooler too, I use a Hyper TX 3 and get 44c idle, and that one looks alittle more robust. As for RAM cooler though, I havn't seen them as advantagious.

    Overall, you have overkilled the PSU, and MOBO, but that means a Q9400, or 9450 next year, so I'd go for it.

    Also, just for completeness:




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