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I need some help in overclocking my CPU beyond 3.4 GHZ. No matter what I do, add more voltage to like 1.5V the CPU will not overclock beyond 3.4 . I have tried increasing CPU NB volts and the NB voltage itself no go. Beyond 3.4 it will start to bsod like crazy like 0X50, 0X124 or IRQ less or not equal with minidumps. I have had this CPU for one year now. I have upgraded the mobo to an M3N HT Deluxe. My ram is Kingston 2X2 GB 1066 MHZ 5 5 5 15 at 2.2V I have even had it running at 800MHZ 5 5 5 18 1.8V and still no go. I am starting to think I got a bad CPU for Overclocking as I have hit a brick wall at 3.4, lol I thought this was going to be a good cpu to overclock seeing as I am overclocking through the multiplier and I even tried FSB. My cooler is a Corsair H50 It idles at 34C and full load 47C. It's kind of funny that it is stable at 3.4 even with 1.36V. To get more OC out of this chip I then bumped the NB to 2.6GHZ at 1.34V with the 3.4 sitll at 1.36V running Prime 95 for 8 Hours now. It is very frustrating because I thought this CPU was supposed to be a good OCer even lowering the NB and HT to 1000MHZ it still will not overclock beyond 3.4. If anyone has any Ideas and tips that would be great or else i will just go out and get the 1090T.
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    I have the same issue, where no matter what I do, my 940 won't go over 3.4GHz. How old is your chip? I got one right when they first came out, and I personally think that the early Phenom II's weren't as overclock friendly as the later ones. But, I could be wrong.
  2. Thanks for the reply I got this one a when they first came out cause I could not wait to get my hands on a quad core. Might be why ours don't OC well. My revision is RB-C2 if that helps. All I can do is upgrade the CPU or what I did was overclock the NB and HT to 2.6 GHZ that helped a little.
  3. My 710x3, batch 0904 (early), unlockable to a quad, could not break 3.4ghz with stabilty. The best I ever got out of it was 3.7ghz bench run with a -30c breeze coming from my window last winter. It didn't survive 3dmark vantage.

    Since the 710s are just disabled quads from the same wafers, there is a good chance, if your chip is early enough, that we are all in the same boat.
  4. Yeah, my chip is also a RB-C2, so it's most likely issues with that chip revision.
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