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I am unable to get my IDE raid controller properly installed in windows, I have tried under Vista x64 and XP 32 sp3 on another rig. The raid management software does not detect the controller. As for driver all I get is 3 files with one being a small cab file like one that is found under system 32 in xp. Neither install. So any help/ideas.
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  1. Are you sure that the controller works? Is it detected at POST?
  2. Yes it shows during posts and properly detects my vintage ide drives properly.
  3. Did you download the drivers from

    The readme.txt file included in the v2.352.7 of the Microsoft Windows Vista Device Driver Download section contains:


    1. Install the adapter and boot up Windows.

    2. Windows will popup "Found New Hardware" wizard. Select "Locate and install
    driver software". When Windows asks "Windows needs your permission to
    continue", select "continue".

    3. Select "I don't have disc, show me other options" and then select
    "Browse my computer for driver software".

    4. Specify the folder where you put the driver and click "Next".

    5. When asked "Would you like to install this driver software?", select

    6. Reboot the system and the adapter will be available.

    Did you follow that procedure? From DOS or when booting the HighPoint CD, did you flash the BIOS to v2.352?
  4. I only got the bare card but will try again on my xp rig that I intended the card for. I have a bunch of old ide drives that I would like to use.
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