P5KC with EVGA GTX260 problem

i just purchased a evga gtx 260 and when i put the card in, it's not sending signal to the monitor. No boot up screen, nothing, just blank!!! I can tell it's continuing to load windows though.

would my card be DOA? i tried all the dvi ports, reset bios, make sure the 2 pci-e power connectors are securely connected to the card.

when i switched back to my old card, BFG 9800gt, it's working perfectly. It wouldn't be the PSU problem cos i have 650w corsair.

Any ideas?

- lastest p5kc bios
- corsair 650W PSU
- q6600 , 4gb ram
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  1. Well the only suggestions I have are that you try another display and test the card on another motherboard.
  2. RMA that EVGA card.
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