How to Stream Media From Thecus n4100+ to Xbox 360???

Ok so im pretty new to nas networking and thought my nas would show up in the xbox as a portable drive but
so ive been reading up and realised i really need some help from the pros :o)

I have a thecus n4100+ and it has NFS support (ive read this has something to do with streaming but dont have a clue what it is!!?)
it also has DLNA i think but same as above not sure if that matters!

its really getting to me know so please any help is really really appreciated!

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  1. Normally with dedicated NAS you go into its configuration page through a web interface. Then you set the partition(s) to share with which IP address and permission.
    Assuming you've done all that then your Xbox360 should see it.

    Read the manual for your Thecus for specific instructions when configuring in the web interface.
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