Crossfire/Sli Question - Not what you think - Please Help!!!

Hi, am planning to get a P6t Deluxe from Asus, and hook it up with two 4870x2 in crossfire (apologize in advance to everyone who thinks I am an idiot for overkill etc.). Now, I know there shouldn't be any problem in theory as if you look at the board layout the two 4870x2 can sit just further apart to allow for one PCI lane to remain open (assuming that a typical 4870x2 takes 2 card spaces). So I thought this would be fine, since I wanted to put in a TV tuner as well. However I saw this photo and it scared the hell out of me:
It shows my exact set up, without any PCI card and even though it might possible to put the PCI card in there, I am worried that the heat from the cards wont let anything live... What do you guys think? Also any suggestions on any other boards with better layouts??

Thanks for all the help!
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  1. Have you thought about a usb TV dongle?
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