Doubts about my power Suplie

Hi I´m Javier Dubini... I have some doubts about the election of my power supplie, my configuration is this:
AMD Athlon 7750 Black Edition @ 3200 Mhz
ATI HD 4830 Sapphire 512 GDDR3 256 bit with a little OC
2 Supertalent de 2gb [ 4gb ]
Western Digital Caviar 500Gb ( I Bought on December 2007 I don´t know wath is te exactly model to help you with the comsumption)
DVD RW + - Lite-On IDE
Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 and well I have a Satellite 400 W
I have a lot of influencies that this power supplie is exelent and is very well to my configuration.
But on the other hand others told me that I´m crazzy about that Power Suppli. ( I know that in the teorhy i´m crazzy about using this Power Supplie)
But the truth is that I assemble a lot of PC with this Power Suplie and never had a problem. So Please ..could you tellme if i´m really crazzy or my elecction is right, May be i need a new one, I´m on the limit of wattage, It will explode Everything ? or may be if quit the OC will be better. Please, I trust in you a lot, what do you think ?
I trust in your technical support because i know that they are very trained on this.
Thanks a lot.

PD: The Satellite is new. About 1 month, like the CPU, motherboard, rams and the video card.
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  1. honestly with your setup i think you are do not have any high power components. as long as there are atleast 28-30 amps on the 12v i think you are fine...however, i have not heard of that brand of psu so i cannot comment on reliability.
  2. The psu should have a label. What does it say? Particularly the amps on the +12v rails.
    how many pcie 6 or 6/8 pin connectors does it have?
    What is the efficiency of the psu?
    At what temperature are the specs taken? 20c or 40c?
    Is the 400watts continuous, or maximum?

    Let me assume that the psu is reliable, because you have had good experience with it.
    The question is: are the specs competitive with a good psu, or, are they merely mediocre?
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