Need low profile HSF; frostytech charts not relevant

I just built an i5/650 system in a Lian Li PC-Q08R. On the stock cooler, Coretemp is reporting up to 62 while playing games, which isn't exactly scary, but is a lot warmer than it should be given the excellent airflow in that little case.
The stock Intel cooler is all-aluminum, and pretty light. I want to replace it. The charts on Frostytech are all LGA775. I've been poring over them, seeing which ones might be compatible with LGA1156, but I thought I'd ask here. I'm not planning a mad overclock on this machine; I just want to bring the temps down. I've already spent a little more on this system than I expected, so I'd like to keep the price down. The mobo is an ECS H55H-I (the one Tom's got), and the cooler needs to be low-profile. I would appreciate any recommendations you may have. Thanks.
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  1. 33 views, no comments. I'd be happy with just a 7c-8c drop, so I went for a $18 Masscool:
  2. Update: The Masscool is twice the size and probably weighs 3x the stock. I put it on, and even on first use, before the AS-5 I used could cure, max under load was down to 57c. So, I'd say I got what I wanted. Be aware that it comes with the cheap white paste though, so you may want a better TIM.
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