Raptor 300 gig sata 2.0 slower in windows 7

I up graded to Windows seven and I did a system check and all are just about maxed out when I had vista ultimate 64Bit the hard drive was maxed out with seven its at 2.5 the rest are maxed or close to maxed out I don't get such a large difference between the two and its dose slow when I do hard drive intensive apps like copying files video encoding I don't get it I have 8 gig ddr3 1600 I didn't have this problem with vista.
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  1. So, your V.Raptor is rating at 2.5 with W7? Mine rates at 5.9. Perhaps the firmware or something is out of date. If there are any updates, you can try to update the firmware. I believe Vista's max rating was 5.9, whole W7's is 7.9. The only way you'll get over 5.9 hard drive wise in W7 is with a SSD.
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