3 gtx 280 vs 2 4870x2

Right now on newegg.ca

i can get 3 msi gtx 280s or 2 sapphire 4870x2 cards.

what would be better on a 1920x1200/1920x1080 screen? thanks there pretty much the same price to get both. like 10 buck difference.
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  1. well, its a little more complicated than that.

    a simple solution would be to get an X58, then you don't have to choose between two motherboards as well as two graphics setups. I recommend getting an X58, i7 920, 6GB triple channel RAM and three GTX 280's.

    otherwise, an X38/X48+Q9550+ two 4870X2's (the Q9550 is actually more expensive than the i7 920...)
  2. im on newegg.ca i just want to know which 1 is better.
  3. you will want to read this article
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