SSD lifetime question.

Hello guys,
Suddenly something pop up into my mind.
As you can see my current PC (see my signature), I am using an SSD on Windows 7 x64.
I wonder how long it wil gona last or at least untill I feel the slowing down effect. is only about 3-4 months old, so right now, everything is still OK...
I am only curious about the lifetime.

Let say :
I use my PC about 10 hours a day.
Updated the programs regularly (OS, Antivirus, etc.).
About 2 or 3 Games come a go every 2 months, let say average of 15GB/games.
No video, photos, documents, etc. ever stored in the SSD.
Caching is destinated to the SSD.
Temporary used programs, let say, 4-6 of them in 6 months.
No scheduled virus scan, format, or whatsoever.
I am planning to fresh install (deleting the old one) the Windows once a year as usual (I will do this January next year)

I am expecting that the SSD to hold on at least 3-4 years.
I am really grateful if someone can say anything to this.
Thank you.
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  1. You can write 20GB/day to the Intel drives and they will last "at least" 5 years. Download the Intel SSD Toolbox utility and use it to look at the SMART statistics for your SSD. The "E1 - Host Writes" counter tells you how much data has been written to your drive.

    I've observed a write rate of about 5GB/day on my drive, which means that it should last for 20 years or so.
  2. First thanks for the answer.
    If it will hold on for 5 years with 20GB/day, it is already OK for me.
    I am not planning to use any HDD older than 5 years for the OS partition anyway.
    Beside I think I am nowhere near 20GB/day, since I am not putting/downloading anything to the SSD, mainly only installed program, and OS.
    There are always better HDDs every year and 3- 4 years is for me the correct time to use the newest affordable one.
    I am just worried that it won't survive about 3 years, until I replace it with the better one.

    Intel toolbox?...Ok...I will download that!
    Thanks again.
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