Need advice ASAP!!!

I got a system built and it's already in route. I got a 9800 gtx+ 1 gb card on it and now I'm thinking I want more/better! Would it be better to SLI this card or get the GTX 285? I can't afford to get the 295.

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  1. If you do upgrade the gfx card, from what I have read I would recommend the GTX 260 they are alot cheaper and are meant to perform just aswell.
  2. If it was between the 2 I would definitely go for the 285 instead of a second 9800. A single gpu will be better for those non-SLI games, and you'll be able to easily upgrade to SLI later when you need it.
  3. you should get the gtx 260,,, then save up some money and get another one for SLI... that would basically **** on most things that are not too expensive.
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