pls help.... i have asus mobo... it has 3 sata port! sata 1,2 and sata 3..... the problem is that Whenever i put my sata drive in sata 1 or 2 my sytem says "disk boot failure! insert disk press any key to continue!! but If i put my sata drive on sata A port it all goes fine... whats the problem with my pc? help pls...
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  1. What's the problem? Leave the drive on the port that works.
  2. lol.... i got two drives that i have too put.. and it got some software that i need .. can it be fixed?
  3. Keep the boot drive on port A and install the other one on any of the other ports.
  4. thanks sir.... ill try that..
  5. hang-the-9 said:
    Keep the boot drive on port A and install the other one on any of the other ports.

    thanks sir ill try that
  6. Which device is used to boot from is specified by you in a setting in the BIOS Setup screens. Although the displays allow you to choose which hard drive you boot from, in fact they are really offering you the choice of which PORT you want to boot from, and using the current port device to identify them. So it appears your Boot Priority Sequence was set at a time when your bootable SATA drive was connected to SATA_3. If you changed it after that the BIOS will NOT look anywhere else for that drive unit - it will only look at whatever is connected to the SATA_3 port for a boot device.

    So, as others have said, you could simply recreate the original conditions - put the bootable HDD on the SATA_3 port where it is expected, and connect any other HDD's to other ports. If you REALLY need to move that bootable HDD to another port, you will simply have to change the way the Boot Priority Sequence is set in BIOS.
  7. ok i get it... ill try to see it in my bios and change the sequence of the POrt from which my hard drive boots from.. and that should be sata1 thank you guys...
  8. tsk i tried to work it out on the bios... still it wont bud! maybe sata1 and 2 port are dead??? ggrrr
  9. any answer to solve my problem?? sata 1 and 2 port still wont recognize my hard drive.... put the bootable sata to sata port A... and the other hard drive to sata 1 and 2 is still undetected
  10. hope so... really need the two sata ports grrrrrr
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