Will linksys wmp11 work with windows 7?

I just bought an eMachines ET1331-02 desktop PC. I installed the Linksys WMP11 wireless card and ran the setup disc. When I rebooted the PC I got an error message that there was a missing file "W32N50.dll". I've reinstalled the software and tried to do a driver update, but problem persists. Can anyone suggest the reason and/or a solution

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  1. I don't think WMP11 will work with Windows 7. The newest driver I could find is from 2003 and it doesn't seem to be working. Win7 recognizes the adapter, but after installing the drivers I came up with an error message (but it didn't specify which files were missing. I got the "W32N50.dll" file you mentioned, but it still didn't work. My suggestion would be to go buy a new PCI or USB wireless adapter.
  2. it works. I just installed WMP11 on 3 PCs, they all work. Win7 Will install the wireless card driver by itselfe but may ask for dirver or won't connect to the wireless router. update the drive from a CD or downloawn from linksys( the laterst one is 2003), still can't connect to the router at this time. restart the PC, rollback the driver or uninstall the card ( make sure remove the driver too) from the card property. restart the PC , sit back & relax, let the Win7 install its native wireless driver, it should show as Broadcom 802.11b network adapter. sounds crazy but works for me.
  3. The adapter will not work with Windows 7. Option is to buy a new adapter or go back to Windows XP. I will install it on my wife's computer which runs Windows XP Professional SP3. She doesn't like W7. Neither do I. Good thing my company supplies Windows 7, so I didn't have to pay for a crappy OS.

    BTW. You could run almost anything on Linux. If the manufacturer doesn't have a driver for a device, some one else made one (or is totally willing to). Linux is also free.
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    Right click setup file for wmp driver select properties and click on compatability tab and put a checkmark

    in run this program in compatability mode for and choose windows xp sp3 from the drop down menu click apply and o then try running setup again.
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