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alright here is my problem. right now i have an EAH5870 reference version. the problem is that this card is very hard to find and i am amazed that i managed to find thins one. but i need 2 more for trifire. i also want 2 other cards that look almost the same (i like my computer to look pretty :)). i also need them to be very good overclocking cards as i plan on having them all clocked at 950 core/1325 memory with a 1.325 volt but i do not knwo if XFX can go up to 1.325 and this is were the other problem is. i use smart doctor because MSI afterburner will only go up to 1.3volts which puts my ASUS card unstable at the clocks i said. so i need to know if the XFX card is smart doctor usable and can go to 1.325 volts or i am just going to have to wait till i can find these extremley rare EAH5870s to come in someware. also sence i am OCing these cards will there be any type of GPU bios mix up because i do not want to flash any GPU i get.
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  2. i think you should check out some more "hardcore" overclocking forums.. i don't know if it's against policy with tomshardware to post url's so i'm not going to. you will easily find online communities with people regularly overclocking a lot of computer components..

    ie. i recently went watercooling and i looked on other forums for more detailed information.. what you're looking for is very specific. you're gonna have to do research or find someone on another forum who's really into overclocking 5870's..

    otherwise, someone else can post.. but im skeptical of what you'll get off toms
  3. alright thanks
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