Watching cable TV on my PC (need advice & recommendations)

I've recently purchased a 24" LCD monitor, and am looking to install a swivel arm on my desk so I can swivel it in for use as a monitor, and swivel out for use as a TV when I'm in my bed.

I've spent quite a few hours trying to research the proper TV tuner card, but alot of the information I've come across is pretty confusing.

I live in an apartment which includes cable in the rent... with my TV I simply hook the coaxial cable to the outlet in the wall, then to my TV. What I would like to do is install a TV tuner card and watch it through my computer on my PC monitor instead, and get rid of the TV. There is no cable box.

Will I be able to to simply hook the coaxial cable up to a TV tuner card and watch TV? Also, I'd hugely appreciate any advice on a good digital/analog hybrid TV tuner, one that includes a remote. Online reviews seem to be mixed across the board, whether it's Hauppauge, ATI, or so on.

Also, am I going to run into any issues with encryption/decryption?

Thanks, Matt
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  1. For ATI 650 pcie (dual HDTV/Analog) or 650PCI(Hybrid single Tuner) are pretty good.
    The HW is good but the software is not. Its good in HDTV and Analog.

    For Hauppage I'm currently using 2250. Its a dual hybrid tuner that can do HD and Analog TV. Hauppage Analog Tuner is not as good as ATI. Hauppage software is more stable than ATI.

    By the MCE version it comes with remote. Hauppage also comes with remote extender to control Cable or satelite box.

    I prefer the Hybrid Tuners since its adaptable to HD-digital and Analog. I care less on analog TV and its going away soon(Thats my personal view). Thats the reason i switch to Hauppage 2250.

    When selecting Tuner consider your input sources. Some tuners have multiple inputs and other have single. ATI-650 have separate input for Digital and Analog. Hauppage 2250 has single input for 2 Hybrid tuners(Its a disadvantage in some ways).

    These tuners has no decription capability. Your source must be descrambled or encription free.

    These tuners are available in newegg.

    hauppage tuners works better with media center... base on my limited experience.
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