Building my first PC.. need help...

first off I want to say thanks in advance for ANY info that will help me complete this project. I never built a system before and my computer skills are kinda of limited. anyway I'm building this rig as we speak. here is what I got sitting in front of me.

EVGA 780i motherboard
intel Q6700 quad core processor
OCZ 700W power supply
8G of DDR2 OCZ memory
EVGA GTX 280 graphics card
seagate 750 gig harddrive
lite-on dvd-rom drive
zerotherm cpu coooler
ultra mid-tower case.

I'm not a gamer, however I would like to be able to play some PC games. My biggest regret so far is going with a mid-tower case. things are a bit tight in there..

So here is where I'm at. I got the cpu installed on the motherboard, and the cooler, I got the motherboard mounted inside the case.. (I used those spacers so there would be no short-to-ground)

I have the power supply installed and the harddrive. I had to remove the harddrive cage so the video card would fit. I also have the video card installed.

I hooked up the 24pin power wire to motherboard (main supply power?) I hooked up the 6pin and 8 pin pci connnectors to the video card and the 8 pin for the cpu.

My harddrive has a sata connector so I used the SATA1 from the power supply to the harddrive and then the SATA 1 port on the motherboard to the harddrive (does this sound right?)

here is where I'm stumped. My cd-rom is not sata (has that big connector in the back) Is this the IDE ? How would this hook up and where would i set the jumper in the back. (master or slave) for right now I only want 1 hard drive and 1 cd-rom drive. also does an audio plug go into the back of the cd-rom?

On my tower there is wires coming off of it. there is an audio wire with 2 plugs (HD AUDIO & AC,97) there is a 1394 plug and there is a USB plug. (do I need to use these)

I read all my instructions to all of the products and everything seems very vauge to me. any help would be great.

sorry for my long post. I just hope I explained myself accurately
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  1. you connected everything well.
    it sounds like your cd drive is ide.
    with motherboard there should be two flat cables included, one for IDE and one for floppy.
    try to fit one of those since only one fits, the ide connector on the motherboard should be on the edge right bottom corner it simply goes from the motherboard to the cd drive.
    no you dont need to connect sound to cd drive so dont pug audio or anything

    those cables that come from your tower are front panel cables, refer to motherboard instructions. they give you front power button, reset button, microphone and headphone button.

    hope that helps
  2. i forgot to add those cables that come from the tower have stuff written on it, pwr, audio, led, and such...just look into manual how to connect front panel cables, it should give you diagram where each of those little plugs goes into, if your don't connect them properly your computer wont turn on so don't panic if it doesn't turn on at the first time, check your cables, check you connected the "pwr" plug to the correct location.
  3. thank you for the prompt respone alvine. I got the cd-rom hooked up. I found the IDE cable that fit and went to the motherboard and the drive.

    I have audio jacks on the front of the case, the wire has 2 plugs (HD audio and AC,97) I plugged the HD audio one into the motherboard. and there was also a 1394 plug on the front that I plugged into the motherboard.

    So now all I need to know is if I sent the cd-rom to slave or master.

    also what I do with all the other cables coming from the power supply. I have like 6 sata connectors and 6 power connectors..

    I also have a connector coming from the power supply saying "p7".. it's at the end of one of the power wires...
  4. well good news, the computer turned on. so the power button works. I'm still waiting for the monitor and keyboard so i'm at a standstill.

    I there anything I need to do in the BIOS? I want to maximize my hardware and get the most for my money.

    I also got vista 64 premium edition (OEM version) any insight would be great.
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