Dual Display, Different resolutions

Important specs first:

Samsung 24" 1920x1200
Samsung 42" 1920x1080
ATi 4870, Cat 8.12
Windows7 Beta build 7k

In CCC or Windows resolution control, I am limited to 1920x1080 on my 24" screen. There is no option for a higher resolution at all when the 42" screen is plugged into the card so I am forced to run both monitors at the lowest resolution.
I have tried connecting the screens to both DVI outputs and it still wont give me the option for a higher resolution.

Also, when I use the 24" by itself I get the correct resolution out of either DVI connection.

This problem was happening in Windows Vista 64x Ultimate as well as W7 64x (never ran XP on this machine).

Anyone have solutions or suggestions? Is there a command I can enter to force resolutions in a ati config file or something?
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  1. Fixed it...kinda.

    I tried the 9.1 drivers still with no luck.
    Then I tried the W7 beta drivers with the same results.

    Finally after some digging I installed the 8.10 drivers and it works fine...strange.
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