GA-X58A-UD3R bios / cmos issues when overclocking

Ok I just tried something new, I wanted to see if I could get past 4.2ghz so I upped the voltage to 1.375 and went into windows, everything was fine, then I went to 1.4 and my system reset, so as usual I go and press the "clear cmos" button on the back of my motherboard and normally it clears it and I can change whatever to fix it, now it will not let me change anything, if everything isnt set to auto it will restart over and over until I press the reset cmos button, so I am stuck now, the system will reboot over and over unless I leave everything on auto, it's almost like my computer is upset and wont let me do anything to it to piss me off. Should I be worried? everything seems fine, like nothing has changed, other then my bios not letting me do anything anymore.. Do I physically need to reset the bios?

since I have had this system I have ran it safely, always keeping temps safe and never taking voltages up past 1.25 until recently I was testing my system to see what it could do so I am taking it up a notch, the highest ive set it to is 1.4V vcore and cpu/vtt 1.3.

Should I be worried?
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    Yep, you pissed her off, clean the case really good, clean all the dust out of the inside, talk really nice to her and buy some flowers and put them in a nice vase right next to her. :D

    If that doesn't work you can try flashing a new BIOS.
  2. haha sounds good, The last flowers I got her got stuck in her scythe kaze fan and got shredded to peices though
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