Computer beeps, cant reinstall windows

I have a dell inspiron mini 910 that i just upgraded the memory and ssd memory on, now upon booting up to reinstall win xp i am getting a series of 2 beeps followed by another 2 beeps, with nothing else coming up on the screen. Would anyone have any clues as to what might be going on? Thanks!
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  1. I can't find any post code 2-2. it's two beeps followed by a pause and then the same space between two more beeps correct?

    Can you flip that bad boy over and give me the Dell Service code? should be 6 or 7 alphanumeric code on a white sticker, with a barcode near it.
  2. Hi. You are right about the beeps. After the 4th beep there is a longer pause. The service tag is G01MWF1.
    I have tried removing the RAM and reinstalling the original RAM. And reseating it a number of times, with no help. Thanks so much!
  3. You say "after the fourth beep" but if it's two beeps, pause, then two beeps there should be nothing after that? is there a fifth beep?
  4. the beeps are repeated continually until i power down the machine. 2 series of 2 beeps longer pause 2 series of 2 beeps pause .....etc.
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    aha. I see. as far as I can tell that POST code does appear to be RAM related. Try it with only one stick. It's possible it could be the connection of the sockets to the Mobo too but there shouldn't be a reason for that as they're comfortably housed inside the laptop.

    EDIT: Might not be ram. This isn't for your specific model but for "inspiron" models.

    1 Long beep - Memory refresh circuitry has failed which indicates a problem with the motherboard. Try reseating the memory DIMM or SIMM modules. Make sure if you have added memory that it is rated at the correct speed for the system.
    1 Long 2 Short beeps - The video adapter has failed, or the video memory is having a read/write failure. Try reseating the video card. If the video card is a PCI video card, try moving it to another slot.
    1 Long 3 Short beeps - The system does not detect a monitor. Verify that the monitor cable is properly attached to the video card or the onboard video and to the monitor (if the monitor has a detachable cable). If possible, try another monitor on the system to verify that the video adapter is operating properly.
    2 or 3 beeps - There is a problem with the system’s memory. Reseat the memory DIMM or SIMM modules.
    4 beeps - This indicates a non-functional timer. This indicates a problem with the motherboard.
    5 beeps - This indicates a CPU (Central Processing Unit or processor) failure. Try reseating the processor.
    6 beeps - This indicates a keyboard controller failure. Try reseating the keyboard connector.
    7 beeps - Another indication of a processor problem. Reseat the processor.
    8 beeps - This indicates a video memory read/write failure. Reseat the video card (if any) and memory DIMM or SIMM modules.
    9 or 10 beeps - This indicates a ROM (Read-Only Memory) checksum error or shutdown register failure. This indicates a defective BIOS chip(s). Reseat the BIOS chips.
    11 beeps - Indicates an error in the cache memory. If the system has a Pentium class processor, reseat the processor. If the system has a cache memory module, try reseating it. These beep codes will vary depending on the system

    if you're getting 4 that might indicate something with the mobo.
  6. the computer only has space for 1 stick of ram. i have tried both the new and the old ram multiple times with no help. is it possible the computer may not recognize either ram since i also put in a new ssd harddrive and the operating system is now removed? thanks again!
  7. RAM being recognized should be a function mainly of the motherboard itself and shouldn't have anything to do with having Windows installed. A board should still go through a full POST without windows installed on the drive. Have you got it to POST with this drive installed before?
  8. no i havent got it to post with this new ssd installed. this was my first attempt. i upgraded the ram together with the ssd. maybe i should try removing the ssd and reinstalling the old one?
  9. there isn't much chance of the SSD being seated improperly since it's screwed in, so i'd try putting the old one back in, seeing if that does anything for you, if only to eliminate the possibility.
    What was the reason for the replacement? Larger size?
  10. yeah it was originally a 4gb ssd and 1gb ram.
  11. Thanks much for your help. It did turn out to be the ram wasnt all the way seated after all!
  12. no problem! Glad you got it solved.
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