Difference bet performance 3d and standard 3d clocks

Hi friends i am using zotac 6200agp card on my older rig ,its nv44 to which i have luck to overclock core clock at 500mhz and memory at 750mhz via coolbit .every things run fine. but as soon as i overclock standard 2d clocks, system gets hangup and restarts so is there anybody dude who can help me to solve this complicated issue. Please.
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  1. Old vaudeville comedy shtick:
    "Doctor, doctor. It hurts when I move my hand like this."
    "Don't do that."

    It's not a complicated issue. If your system crashes whenever you try to overclock something, stop trying to overclock it.
  2. No friend its performance 3d clock is somehow overclocked at 501mhz and memory at 750mhz and every things run better than before. but as soon as i turn towards standard 2d setting it won't ready to move even 1mhz so i want to overclock standard 2d.
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