Does my CPU cooler need to be replaced?

I have the following system:

Apevia X-Telstar Aluminum Full Tower
PT6 Deluxe MB
i7-920 2.66 GHz 8M L3 Cache LGA1366
Bios Version 1003
Melco 667 Mhz (DDR3 1333) Ram, 6 gigs
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280
Corsair TX 850 W power supply
Extreme Performance (RAID-0) with 2 Identical Hard Drives (1TB (500GBx2) SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM HDD
Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling System (it only cost 54 dollars)

I have my system at 3.21 Ghz: Here is the system running at less than 5% load, notice on the real temp how it reached 90 C about 4 minutes into running Prime 95. What is the best way to set up BIOS to overclock this system? I want to get an air cooler, would it be better than the cooler I have now? If yes, what Air Cooler is recommended. Apartment Temp is about 75 F.


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  1. This does seem to be running hot, and I don't think that it is associated with the type of cooling that you have at present. More than likely, it could be an installation issue.

    Re-install the cooler with the thermal compound applied in the proper manner (see thermal application methods elsewhere on this forum. Tryout the system.

    If you still feel you need a new air type cooler, go for the Prolimatech Megahalem Rev B with a 25mm fan (CM Hyper 212 is fine too) and make sure that there are no clearance issues between the fan and the RAM. If the RAM is too tall (with mini heatsinks) this must be checked out. The issue is usually with the 1st RAM slot (closest to the CPU). My Corsair Dominator RAM has a 1.0mm interference issue with the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev B cooler. If you run into interference issues, and have access to a milling machine, mill out a step on the fan housing to provide the necessary clearance.

    As to your 2nd question - yes, you can install 2 fans in "push-pull" configuration, and the horizontal direction (not North-South) is preferable. Just my preference.

    The cooler will work much better with 2 fans attached with clips.

    Check the cooler base for flatness, and if required, do some polishing (sometimes referred to as lapping) to make the base flat. Increased flatness will reduce temps substantially. Lowered my idle temps 5 degs to 8 degs C by polishing my V8 cooler base.

    Good luck!
  2. Which are the ambient temps?
  3. I will do as you said, I will replace the thermal paste, currently I have arctic silver 5 on there and followed directions from the manufacturers web site on how to apply the paste. I will go to micro-center and buy a paste, any recommendations on a paste to buy.

    Saint, what exactly do you mean by ambient temps, right now, with a load of less than 5% and and not over clocked the temperature of the cores are 47, 50, 51, 45.

    By case has 3 fans on it, 1 fan is on top of the case (outflow), one fan is on the side of the case blowing on the MB and video card (inflow), and on fan is on the back attached to the radiator (outflow). Should I change the fan on top of the case to also (inflow)?

    Thanks for the suggestions thus far.
  4. Where to start :)

    For your cooling solution to be acceptable at all, you would need two fans in a push-pull configuration and it would need fresh air, so the fans would have to intake into the case. The problem with this is your case would NOT have the required air-flow to exhaust all that heat, catch 22.

    Air cooling: your case is only 8 inches wide, better air coolers are around 6.3 Inches tall, you would have to measure to see if they would even fit in your case and with a side fan I really doubt it. Then you would still have an air-flow problem with one small intake and two small exhaust fans. If you changed out the fans to high CFM fans it may work out but your computer will be very noisy.

    Sorry for all the bad news.
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