Where did my space go?!?!

I have a vertex 30gb with win7, some basic apps and a few programs. I had 7gb free and then a few days ago I noticed i only had 1gb left free. Where did this space go? I'm not sure, I uninstalled office 07 because it wasnt working for some odd ball error and still I have almost no space left! All big programs and files are on my slave drive.

I deleted cookies, updated firmware, deleted files i didnt need, checked to make sure files were on the slave and not in my documents. What else is there to do? I cant find what is taking my space up!

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  1. Try running a utility like CCleaner or Glary Utilities, as there maybe a lot of temp files stuck in the system.
  2. System restore may be using your space. It automatically creates restore points each day and sometimes more often.
  3. Move your Restore Points to the Slave (which I just tried, and can't do), as well as pagefile.

    What mobo do you have? If it's Intel based, the SATA settings in BIOS should be set to ACHI, not IDE. But if you were to change this, you'll have to reinstall Windows.

    Download "Gargage Collecction" from the OCZ website, and run it. Let me find it...

    It did find this article: OCZ Vertex and Agility Garbage Collection really works!

    Here is the link from OCZ: OCZ Tecnology, SSD Firmware Updates and Tools for All OCZ Indilinx-Based SSDs

    Try this first.

    I have other ideas, like are you running TRIM? A Windows 7 and Intel based mobo only application.
  4. Its an asus g72gx. I used pc wizard and I have an intel chipset, does that mean its intel based? And if so, im not running trim, i have no idea what trim is.
  5. Since you've got your OS on a different drive, I would recommend re-installing windows. Before you do this, be sure to read up on space-saving strategies with with SSDs - as was mentioned.

    You may have inadvertently installed some programs on your SSD (other than your OS), as many programs' default directory is the first drive's "Program Files" folder.
  6. thumb may be right, you may have to re-install the OS, and since your drive is so small, perform the tweaks from this article: The SSD Review.

    I, on the other hand didn't do them, but I have 80GB of space, and am only using 22GB: Win7 Home, Office 2007, Quicken, and Norton are the major programs I have.

    I did move my pagefile (a.k.a. winswapfile or virtual memory) to a HDD, but I have 6GB of RAM, so I never use it. This could be a real hog on your SSD! WIndows can allocate twice your memory size to the pagefile. If you need to know how to "move" this, just ask.

    And move your "My Documents" and other Libraries to the slave drive, too. You can just drag and drop them from your "User" folder on the OS drive.
  7. Thanks thumb and foscooter but I already did those.
    Only a few select programs are on my c drive, such as office, chrome, avg, and photoshop. Those only take up 5 gigs or so.

    I also have my documents and everything routed to my slave.

    thanks for the tips though, the CC cleaner worked pretty well and freed up some space. I still have to figure out my system restore and make sure thats not saved on my c drive.
  8. Look for a hidden and protected system file call "system volume information" this is the folder where the restore points are placed.
  9. use some disk space analyzer, here is one

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